Creating and Maintaing a Positive School Environment

Quiet Zone Expectations

To minimize classroom distractions as other students move through campus, several areas of
campus are identified as "Quiet Zones." Quiet Zones are designated with signs and have the
following expectations:

  • Elementary Area
    • Noise Level "1" Whisper
    • Walk
    • Do not disrupt classrooms
    • All backpacks on hooks or against the wall
  • Middle School Area
    • Noise Level "1" Whisper
    • No rolling bags
    • Walk lightly
    • Follow the traffic pattern
    • Keep ramps and stairs clear

Visitor Expectations

  • During school hours, all visitors are required by law to check in at the main office, show photo ID, and receive a visitor's pass before entering campus.
  • Parents who wish to visit classrooms during instructional time must schedule an appointment with the teacher prior to arriving to minimize the interruption to student instruction.
  • Minors (Those who are under the age of 18) who are not students at Bethune must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to enter campus at any time.
  • Friends and visitors (of students) cannot spend the day at school due to legal liabilities.

Recess and Playground Expectations

  • Students need to play in a safe, fair, and responsible manner.
  • Students need to take turns and share equipment with others.
  • Students should play on the structures at recess only if their teacher is supervising.
  • Students should play on the structures at lunch only if an adult is supervising.
  • Game rules are to be followed.
  • If students need help, they should ask an adult.
  • Students are to 'freeze' when the bell rings, get down on one knee, and remain quiet. When the whistle is blown, they should walk immediately to the line-up area and wait for their teacher.

Restroom Expectations

  • During recess and lunch, elementary level students (K-5) are expected to use the restrooms located next to room 5 and the wall ball courts.
  • Middle level students (6th-8th grades) should only use the restrooms located near the middle level bungalows (Room B-30)
  • Respect other students' privacy
  • Close the stall door
  • Only one student in a stall
  • Use toilets and bathrooms appropriately
  • Flush toilets
  • Wash hands
  • Keep floor clean - e.g. throw paper towels in trash can
  • Report any problems such as clogged toilets, fighting, throwing wet toilet paper etc. to an adult ASAP
  • No "bathroom parties" - no playing, running, or hiding in restrooms
  • No cell phone use
  • Girls use "feminine trash cans" when necessary
  • No student use of adult bathrooms

Cafeteria and Lunch Harbor Expectations

  • Take only the amount of food you can eat
  • Quiet voices, good manners, and appropriate language are to be used at all times
  • Remain seated at all times unless you have permission from an adult to leave your seat
  • When you have finished your lunch, raise your hand and wait for permission from an adult to throw away your trash and neatly stack your tray
  • Walk to the playground only when your table is released by a staff member
  • Respect and follow the directions of all staff
  • Food is to be eaten only in designated areas

Library Expectations

  • Quiet voices, good manners, and appropriate language are to be used at all times
  • Take proper care of library books
  • Immediately report any damaged, lost, or missing library materials or textbooks to your teacher or the librarian

Auditorium Expectations

  • Quiet voices, good manners, and appropriate language are to be used at all times
  • Students will enter the auditorium in an orderly fashion and sit as a class and as directed by an adult
  • Performers or presenters should be treated with respect and given full attention
  • &bull Students will stand to leave only as directed by an adult when the program has finished
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