Uniform/Dress Code

Why School Uniforms?

Mary McLeod Bethune K-8 School has developed a student uniform program which has been in effect since January 2008. This program was designed as a proactive measure to make our school safer and our students more productive and successful. We believe that a prescribed student uniform is in the best interests of children and learning for the following reasons:

1.Campus Safety and Security: A uniform helps make the campus safe and more secure. Outsiders or non-students are easily recognized on campus.

2.Climate for Learning: A uniform helps students to focus on learning. It sets the tone for a proper work attitude in the classroom, reducing behavior problems and improving performance.

3.School Unity and Pride: An attractive student uniform promotes school spirit, good self-image, and school unity. Just as an athletic team's uniform promotes unity and spirit, so can a school uniform.

4.Economics: A uniform is economical. Comparisons show that the uniform costs significantly less than what most parents pay for school clothing. Durability, reusability, and the year-to-year consistency also cut costs.

5.Homogeneity and Opportunity for Self-Expression: A uniform removes the status that clothing labels give to some children and serves to externally equalize all students. This provides impetus for students to find more productive outlets for expressions of individualism such as wit, intelligence, and creativity. Teachers offer many opportunities for self-expression and creativity in the academic realm ranging from creative assignments to after-school clubs.

6.Modesty Standards Upheld: A uniform meets widely accepted standards of modesty thus eliminating the conflicting interpretations of dress codes and the embarrassment that often is associated with "violations" of dress code.

7. Dressing Simplified: Parents cite simplification of selection as an important advantage. Even though several selections are available within the uniform, each meets the standards of the school and the approval of the home. Parents of students attending schools with a uniform program report that they have saved hundreds of dollars and eliminated the morning tug-of-war with children over what to wear.

School Uniform Policy

All students are expected to exercise good judgment regarding their dress and grooming in order to maintain a positive educational environment and to insure student safety. Mary McLeod Bethune K-8 School has a mandatory school uniform policy which is spelled out here. When all students wear this attire, it promotes school spirit, positive attitudes, and student safety.

Students are to be dressed in school uniforms every day. Uniform colors are:

Grades K-5:   Burgundy tops and khaki bottoms

Grade 6:   Navy tops and khaki bottoms

Grade 7:   Gold tops and Khaki bottoms

Grade 8:   Green tops and khaki bottoms

- Shirts must have a collar. T-shirts may be worn only if bearing the school logo.

- No sweat pants, overalls, or jeans will be allowed.

- Khaki uniform shorts and skirts are acceptable. Girls' skirts and boys'/girls' shorts cannot be worn more than 2" above the knee.

  • With prior approval of the Principal, students who participate in a formal student organization or club will be allowed to wear the organization's uniforms on days that there is a scheduled activity

  • From time to time, special occasions may include a "free dress" day during which school uniforms will not be required; however students will be expected to uphold the standards for attire outlined below. Parents, staff, and students will be notified in advance by the Principal in writing, by phone, and/or email. Communications about free dress days will never be sent home "word of mouth" with students. Please contact the Bethune main office if you have any questions about uniform requirements at any time

  • Students who come to school in inappropriate dress will be sent to the nurse's office. Parents will be called and asked to provide the student with a change of clothing that is appropriate to the school environment

  • Parents seeking a waiver in regard to this uniform policy must meet with the school administration.

  • No student shall be penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against, or denied attendance to school if the student's parents choose to execute this waiver

Bethune Dress Code

  • Clothing must be tasteful, neat and clean, and in good repair

  • Shoes must be appropriate for P.E. and playground

  • Pants must be worn with a waistband at waist level

  • Shoulder straps must be a minimum of one inch

  • Shorts/skirts must be longer than 2" above the knee

The following are NOT acceptable at school:

  • Short shorts, "baggies", or "saggies"

  • Gang-related clothing, colors, insignias, or belts/belt buckles, gloves, wallets on chains, etc.

  • Clothing/accessories that are inappropriate for P.E., i.e. hoop earrings, dangling jewelry, etc.

  • Clothing with inappropriate, profane or obscene language, pictures, vulgar gestures, racial, ethnic, or sexist slurs

  • Clothing that promotes violence or encourages the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol

  • Steel-toed shoes, boots, open-toed and/or strapless shoes

  • Hats or headgear of any type (During hot weather, hats may be worn outside.)

  • Make-up of any kind is not permitted

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